Senin, 13 Juni 2011

What is SteelBinding?

The patented SteelBinding concept distinguishes the Unibind transparent or hardbook cover from all other covers on the market. At the back, each Unibind cover is provided with a U-formed steel spine. This distinctive and fundamental part of the cover protects every document or photo book binding on three sides.

Furthermore, the U-formed steel spine functions as a heating conductor and reservoir with a Resin SteelBinding product. Each Resin SteelBinding machine starts up its heating compartment while in contact with steel. The hard resin inside the cover then melts as the U-formed steel ‘basin’ prevents it from being absorbed by the cover finishing. The pre-assembled paper edges sink into the heated resin binding.

Besides protecting the binding, the U-formed spine in a Punch SteelBinding cover also prevents the pages from turning open more than 180° and from sliding into the back of the wire spine. This would make it difficult to close the document properly. The pages rest on the two ‘legs’ of the steel spine, lying open not more or less than 180°.

The Staple SteelBinding products benefit from both ‘legs’ of the steel spine as they hide the staples so that the high aesthetics of the Unibind cover stays impeccable.

As a result, the Unibind product is known for its high quality, user-friendliness and long lasting performance, offering perfect solutions for in-house binding according to the needs of the customer.